Friday, October 23, 2009


Baby delivered on AirAsia flight, 2,000 ft above ground
Posted: 23 October 2009 1359 hrs

SEPANG, Malaysia: A mother gave birth to a baby boy onboard an AirAsia flight on Wednesday, some 2,000 feet (about 610 metres) above ground, according to a press release from the company.

The statement released Friday said the AirAsia Flight AK 6505 was en-route to Kuching from Penang when 31-year-old passenger Liew Siaw Hsia showed signs of discomfort.

The airline said it immediately initiated a re-route to Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur.

A doctor on the same flight, Dr Ronald Tang, attended to Liew and provided medical attention, assisted by the airline's flight attendants.

The baby boy was delivered just as the plane was preparing for landing at Kuala Lumpur's airport.

Both mother and baby were transferred onto an ambulance via an ambulift as soon as the flight landed. They were brought to Putrajaya hospital for further medical care.

This is the first baby delivered onboard AirAsia, and the company on Thursday presented both mother and baby with free flights for life.

AirAsia's director of operations Moses Devanayagam said: "Delivering a baby at 2,000 feet is indeed a very rare experience, and certainly (Liew) will cherish the moment forever."

Dipetik dari: Channel News Asia

Kalu beghanok atas Kapal Haji lagumano ehh??....


Cikli said...

sepatutnya ayah budak tu pong dapat free for life juga naik airasia. sebab dialah puncanya...hahaha

Achu Tra said...

cikli...ambo setujuuu sangat..

abu muaz said...

haji free for lifelah jugok weh.

TintaLuhur said...

hahaha zame tu xdok lg kot promo lagu tu..x gitu....em, nk cade skit ni, letok la shoutbox ko cbox ko, sene skit nk tggl msj..huhuhu

Achu Tra said...

firdaus...molek cadangae tuh..insyaallah ake diusohokae